​Movement-Research Project "The Impact of Social Media" of Company STEVE

Concept: Verena Steffen
Dance/Choreography: Laura Giuntoli, Susanne Grau, Verena Steffen, Sinja J.Völl
Evaluation of Company Structures: Verena Steffen, Sinja J.Völl

Company STEVE is sharing parts of their movement research about how the consumption of social media can influence our actions, our state of being and our relationships. In the creative process the Company included results from a public survey as well as their own beliefs and observations. 
The movement sequences developed reflect and embody social media as a strong force very much present in our society. The play with different speeds and how our brain and body is processing the increasing flood of information plays a major role.
In the open rehearsal, the work processes are made transparent and the participants are invited to self-reflection and exchange with others.

"Funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR, aid programm DIS-TANZEN by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland."

locked in.jpg

Three Women. One Apartment. Lockdown.
A  Danceartproject created by
Company STEVE

LOCKED IN focuses on the relationship between three very different young women who happen to live together during the first lockdown of the pandemic in 2020. It is a danceartproject that reflects on the changes in behaviour and perception among the women towards each other and how their relationship changes over the course of the pandemic. While eagerly wishing to be alone, in the end they are just very glad NOT to be alone in this challenging phase of their lives.     
Length: about 15 min


Concept: Verena Steffen
Dancer/Choreographer: Bianca Dakli, Verena Steffen, Sinja Völl
Sound: Moritz Mentzel
Costume: Verena Steffen
Film material: Joseph Devitt Tremblay

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Online Premiere "layers of trying"

Sie kreist um sich selbst, verborgen vom Schleier der Monotonie.

Sie schreit auf und verstummt sogleich.

Ein summendes Insekt, der einzige Zeuge ihrer Gefangenschaft.

Konzept & Tanz: Sinja J. Völl

Musik: Ulrike Münch (Cello) Sebastian Münch (Klavier)

Ausschnitt aus „From Jewish Life, B.55: I Prayer “, Ernest Bloch

Kamera: Stephan Völl


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